How-to: Furry Marketplace (part 2)

Continuing to explore how to find high quality items for your furry avatar. Besides trawling through the Second Life MP and browsing inworld stores, there are a couple of other ways to find neat additions to your wardrobe. Click here for Part 1 of How-to: Furry Marketplace. Joining inworld groups Often, content creators will have…

How-to: Furry Marketplace (part 1)

With Second Life so focused on customisation, there is naturally a huge demand for high quality avatar products. The more items in your inventory, the more options you have when editing your avatar’s appearance. Last time, I shared some useful resources for newbies, so this time I thought I’d cover some information about how to…

Second Life Newbie Guides, 2016

After the Second Life boom passed, there have been fewer and fewer up-to-date posts catered for beginners. I just joined recently and it was overwhelming! Here are some useful pieces of advice and blog posts for newbies.


Despite the media hype being long-gone, Second Life is alive and kicking. It boasts a unique attraction to users – a social platform that can look like a MMO on high-end graphics, alongside limitless creation that allows full customisation of your character.