How-to: Furry Marketplace (part 2)

Continuing to explore how to find high quality items for your furry avatar. Besides trawling through the Second Life MP and browsing inworld stores, there are a couple of other ways to find neat additions to your wardrobe.

Click here for Part 1 of How-to: Furry Marketplace.

Whut dawg 1

Joining inworld groups

Often, content creators will have their own inworld groups where they post news about new releases, collaborations, events, or even freebies. You can usually find information about joining a particular store’s group by visiting their inworld location.


This ties in with what I mentioned last time about visiting inworld stores and following content creators. In these groups, you will find residents with similar interests and tastes who help each other with customisation suggestions and troubleshooting.

Follow fashion bloggers

You can check out the photos or blog posts of residents who are “fashion bloggers”, where they create looks they want to share. Sometimes, they are sponsored by content creators to advertise new items.


There are very few active furry fashion bloggers compared to human fashion bloggers, but assuming the shape of your furry avatar can still somewhat work with human-shaped clothing, referring to human fashion blogs isn’t a bad idea.

“Inspecting” – a controversial method?

You can actually right click various parts of avatars and inspect to see the item name and creator name. It bypasses asking the target resident for that very information.


There exist forum posts on how to prevent others inspecting you and even items on the MP that aim to impede the inspect action, so there seems to be a strong anti-inspect sentiment running among residents who object to the idea of others stealing their style. Interestingly, it has been documented that anti-inspect items may not be entirely useful.

 Verdict? I don’t see the issue with inspecting. If you want to find out the name of one item and the resident you asked is away or not answering, it’s alright. However, if you want to lift the entire look, you may be stepping on someone’s toes. Use with discretion.

Happy shopping

When I’m on the lookout for new items, I stick with these methods, along with chatting with residents inworld. It’s worked pretty well so far!

Up next – the next entry will talk about furry avatar modding.

What I’m wearing…


Avatar: <UTILIZATOR> – Kemono
Head: Paws – Canine Head 2.0
Skin: [M.O.R] trasheater mod
Hat & hair: Yasyn – Cuddle – Grandma’s Hot Cocoa
Horns: [europa] Maelus horns
Outfit: Diesel Gadgets – FlyBoy Outfit
[DRGN ARCD] Scruffy Puffy Tail

Location: Halloween Tour


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