How-to: Furry Marketplace (part 1)

With Second Life so focused on customisation, there is naturally a huge demand for high quality avatar products. The more items in your inventory, the more options you have when editing your avatar’s appearance.

Last time, I shared some useful resources for newbies, so this time I thought I’d cover some information about how to shop for your avatar.


One particular difference between human and furry avatars on SL is that furry avatars have a much wider choice of avatar components.

This opens up the door to amazing mix-and-match possibilities where residents can literally stitch together an entire avatar from individual parts.


Modifying your avatar (“modding”) holds particular sway over furry avatar users, with a large proportion of the furry MP dedicated to making and selling mods. There even exist mods for other mods.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how to find new items for yourself.

Searching the Marketplace

The SL Marketplace (“MP”) functions similarly to Amazon and eBay, with a keyword search, category filters, price filters, storefront pages, display preferences, and reviews. Since it is largely intuitive, I will only mention some particularly useful points when using the MP.

  • When searching for full avatars, don’t forget to change maturity settings to show all (General, Moderate, Adult), since some avatars are marked as Adult for preview images which show NSFW features. You can always switch the setting back later.


  • You’re not limited to MP information like preview images and reviews. Try searching for content created by photographers or bloggers that either shows off or reviews the item in question. Try out a demo, if available.


  • Be careful of how some residents review items – especially for mods. If something is marked down because it lacks features that were not advertised in the first place, it is not an accurate review but, unfortunately, is still reflected in item rating.

Browsing inworld stores

You can pick up locations of inworld stores from MP links, fashion blogs, and from residents’ Picks on their profiles.

AXIS! Industries!

They are particularly useful since most merchant mainstores have sublet some areas of their store to multiple other merchants who sell related items you might like.

Since there is a percentage commission for selling items on the MP, some merchants offer slightly discounted prices inworld. Watch out for merchants who do not consistently update their MP page, or for inworld exclusives that are not available to residents browsing the MP.


The featured image of this post is actually taken at an inworld store! More information at the bottom of this post.

Follow content creators

If you like the style of a creator, find out if they have a social media account for their creations and follow them. Such pages are most frequently on WordPress, Flickr, and Tumblr, although furry creations seem to be represented more on Tumblr than human creations.


You can then check your creator’s favourited or reblogged posts for more content that might interest you, as well as keep up to date with any events.

That’s it for now!

This post is getting quite long so I will end it here, but there are more methods to cover!

Up next – the next entry will be the second and final part of the How-to: Furry Marketplace guide series.

What I’m wearing…


Exact same outfit as last time! Click here to check.

Location: + Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful + (mainstore)


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