Despite the media hype being long-gone, Second Life is alive and kicking. It boasts a unique attraction to users – a social platform that can look like a MMO on high-end graphics, alongside limitless creation that allows full customisation of your character.

160216 piero

Unlike social media platforms and most conventional games, Second Life (SL) is curiously unfriendly towards absolute beginners. Compound this with the lack of a clearly defined objective and you sometimes wonder – what do you do on SL?

I just started the journey myself and immediately found troves upon troves of resources for my human avatar. Then when I saw some screenshots (“photographs”) of furry avatars, I wanted to make one of those, too.


It was slightly demotivating to see such fractured Google results – no prominent or unified furry event bloggers, no active furry fashion bloggers, a dearth of furry photographers… the list goes on.

This will be a directory for my own reference and, hopefully, yours: an almanac to record useful and interesting resources for a furry lifestyle in 2016 and onwards. Even if this blog also becomes inactive in the future, this will still be useful for someone new who wants information from times more recent than 4 years ago.

Up next – the next entry will list some SL resources for newbies that I found helpful, and can still be applied in late 2016.

What I’m wearing…


Avatar: – Kemono
Skin: [DB] Jinx-Orange
Eyes: .::POMF::. M3 Head/Kemono Head – Jinxed Eyes
Ears: HOO~ Feral Ears
Hair: [Project Hair] Sumeragi
Horns: [europa] Maelus horns
Jacket: *DL* Sayomi series – Scifi Heavy Cyberpunk Jacket – by Dirty Lynx
Scarf: – O.CA – Scarf (boxed)
Top: [DRGN ARCD] Chest Bandage Mod for Kemono Short Top
Arms: [ZaWoo] Laced Arm Warmers for Avatar 2.0, Kemono, and Standard Body
Shorts: [BI] Kemono Denim Shorts [default] ( + layered with default Kemono shorts)


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